Saturday, August 16, 2014

Car seats

I've become known as a bit of a car seat nut, and that's ok with me. In both of our small (ish) cars the girls are still rear facing just past three (and 36+ inches and 26 lbs, so big enough for any forward facing harnessed seat I am aware of)

Why, you ask? The law (and most seats' requirement) is 1 & 20 lbs. the AAP recommends at least to turning 2. Well, the NHTSA recommends 4. On the one hand, I know they're safe in a well installed & top tethered seat at this age, and they have ridden forward facing in my mom's car and on vacation. 
But, we spend A LOT of time on the road, have small cars (namely my Corollla) that can't compete with the monsters on the road beside us, and really, why be less than optimally safe with your kids?

Now, my kids will likely fit, given their average height and below average weight, rear  facing in their seats to 4.5 or even 5.5 depending on how things go. Will I force a kindergarten kid to rear face? Of course not. But my preschoolers are happy, and have never complained (even after riding in forward facing seats), so why not keep them as safe as possible? 

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Monday, August 11, 2014


The three  year well visit rocked :) no shots and Quinn is the highest she's ever been on the weight charts! And the doctor was totally impressed they can spell their names, and you know we eat that up. 

 For your amusement: 

Q: 37" (48th) & 26 lbs (6th)...still <1% bmi but whatever. 

A: 36" (24th) & 26 lbs (6th). 6th% bmi. Right about her normal curve, poor shorty. Q passed her a year ago and isn't looking back. 

It is shocking what an inch does. Avery FEELS so much more solid. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nature versus nurture

I think one of the best parts of twins is seeing them develop side by side. They're such different kids. 

They're both initially a bit shy with new people but open up pretty fast. At that point, Avery is kind of a clown - funny faces, toddle jokes, etc. Quinn is much more reserved and absolutely an introvert. 

The difference is apparently in their physical development too. Avery was always a few weeks ahead of Quinn in gross motor skills. We used to attribute it to Quinn's IUGR, but it's possible some - especially the later milestones like walking - is just her. At nearly three, Avery flies on a tricycle. Quinn can sort of kind of pedal a revolution or two but has no interest and minimal skill. But, she writes beautiful Qs and can do zippers including starting them and some buttons. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bedtime nibbles

So as I was in the basement doing laundry I hear this bloodcurdling scream. And like all MOTYs I wait to see what happens, and Avery starts screaming Quinn bit her. 

By the time I get there they're both in their beds, Quinn beautifully tucked in. Why did she bite Avery, you ask? "Because Avery was in her bed and I want to go to sleep"

I am unclear if she wanted Avery in her bed, or if Avery was being loud. But this is much more amusing than the sniper biting phase this time last year. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Twin problems

So now that the girls are almost 2.5, I've been trying to coordinate their clothes more for individuality or some crap like that ;)
Alas. While this is adorable, one should note that the purple sweatshirt is the only one worth wearing. Quinn pitched such a terrific fit about it the other day that Avery TOOK IT OFF and gave it to her....

Saturday, December 14, 2013


We took the girls to see Santa today. Last year, they just screamed. The photo is amazing. We have really been talking it up this year and training them to ask Santa for Grandma and Grandpa to visit. 

Overall, the visit was a success. It snowed in the mall. 

They were good waiters :)

And, well, they took a picture ;)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Shopping Success

I took both kids into CVS last night free. No stroller, no second adult, no cart (not that a car cart is a good idea with two anyway). SOOO much better than my experience at Target 8 months ago. Now, granted, we were only getting one prescription, and it was CVS and not the most exciting place on the planet, but they did a great job holding my hands, not touching all the cosmetics, and waiting nicely next to me on line and at the counter to pay (Avery did do a jumping dance at the counter after the first full minute of standing there, but she stayed within a nice radius of me.).

The only downfall was when we left the house, I told them we were going shopping. CVS is not appropriate shopping to Quinn, apparently, and she was pretty much crushed when we were leaving. We actually went back inside to "shop" more in the aisles but she was not pleased. I guess only the grocery store, hardware store and IKEA are real places to shop?

I realize this sounds pathetic, but since we both work and do 95% of our shopping together on the weekend, when the kids are sleeping solo, or online, there just aren't a ton of opportunities to try freewheeling like this.  The only place I take them shopping semi-regularly by myself is BJs with it's double carts and general spectacularness (in their's the only cart they'll consistently sit in without trying to climb out...). Maybe one day I'll take them out to eat alone...