Saturday, June 4, 2011

babies babies babies.

I'm super obsessed. Like I have little else to talk about besides diapers and babies. And my workout schedule but that's nothing new. Maybe if my job was more...engaging I'd talk about that too. But mostly, its all babies, all the time.
we promised one of our players we wouldn't call them Double Trouble. But the ultrasound tech missed the memo.
crazy flexible gymnast baby

So what do we name them? Here's our list so far:


none of those go too well together though.

some of our twin options:
Olive & Olivia
Ava & Ada
Paris & London
Brooklyn & Queens
Jean & Gina
Emma & Amelia
Kara & Kiera
Maddie & Maggie

kidding, kidding. But we have told my mom these names as covers...and sometimes she believes us....