Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little babies in a big shopping cart

How are our babies old enough for this?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

water babies

Few things are as awesome to these babies as water.
We bought a $5 (literally!) little pool at Target this past weekend, and it was an immediate hit!

It was also fun outside!

Interestingly, Avery was a bit more into it than Quinn. Quinn did eventually get in there, but she was pretty content to sit and splash a little and play with bath toys, while Avery was basically having a rip-roaring-in-the-pool-out-of-the-pool-diving-around good time.  I'm a little surprised by this, as Quinn took to the pool a SMIDGE better at our swim lessons this winter!
Yesterday was a water day at daycare, and her teacher told me Avery beelined herself into the little bitty pool each time they went outside. Quinn on the other hand took a nap in the shade!

Monday, June 18, 2012


We go to the pediatrician so often we almost always see the same receptionist. She knows us on sight. (Granted, we generally go on the weekend or at 6 pm on Wednesday). Our kids are pretty healthy, overall. How often must people with kids with chronic illnesses be at the doctor's office?

This weekend we brought Avery in because of a suspected ear infection. She woke up several times Thursday night (and just wanted snuggles). Friday night she screamed from 12:30-2 am, finally calming with Motrin and 4 oz of milk. Saturday she was a little fussy. Saturday afternoon I picked her up from her carseat and her ear was wet. Awesome.

We brought her in Sunday morning since she was STILL fussy - but no fever - and sure enough, a raging double ear infection. Bad enough to win a return visit in 2 weeks to check on it. This is her third, I THINK - my memory is failing me in old age; I don't know how people with higher order multiples keep their babies' names straight - and at our 9 month visit our doctor said we'll see how the summer goes before talking about tubes....yea, so its not quite June. I think we'll be talking tubes when we go back in two weeks (we saw the on-call doctor this weekend). For extra awesomeness, since she broke out in hives last time she had amoxocillin, she is on Omnicef, which apparently causes maroon poo and a lot of it (I am assuming that last part since the doctor proactively gave us probiotic samples). So we sent her to daycare in disposables today...cloth diaper laundry doesn't bug me at all but I am not ambitious enough to deal with dozens of red runny stools.

We were last at the pediatrician just 17 days ago too for a weight check (Quinn) and breathing treatment follow up (Avery) too (and two days before that for a case of croup in Quinn). Thank goodness for good health insurance (and $15 copays).

Monday, June 11, 2012

almost toddlers

Its really getting hard to wrap my head around how fast they're growing up. They're only 10.5 months, and aren't walking yet (heck, I know we're not adjusting their age at this point, but there's plenty of babies the same age who weren't 5 weeks early who aren't speed crawling and cruising at this point!), but they're looking more and more toddler like each yet.

cheerios and planning an escape...
They come home from daycare in pigtails sometimes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


On a whim, I gave the girls some beans to try  from a salad on Friday night. Since we are always in search of things the girls can feed themselves- as spoons are quickly becoming the devil- we were excited when they were hits!

And gave beans at the next few meals.

Now the girls are gassy and pooping a lot. It resembles mashed beans...and theyre pooping out way more of it than they consumed in beans! (didn't you hope I would discuss poop today?) A good "cleanse" perhaps?