Thursday, May 23, 2013

Growing up too fast

The girls are really into getting dressed now, and are slowing starting to get into it...soon they'll be wearing our shoes full time. I can't believe they'll be 2 in 2 months!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Shopping with twin toddlers

It's an experience. Hauling a stroller into a store with carts (when we haven't walked there) just isn't out thing, so we do a lot of winging it. There's just not a lot of stores with functional doubles. I Love the doubles at BJs/Costco, but my grocery store has ones kind of like the weird triples at Target with the seat designed for a 6 year old and car carts only.

Party in Lowes several months ago. These inescapable cars still work for us.
Now, the weird seat ones are fine for toddlers...if buckles aren't an issue. My kids don't mind being buckled exactly, but they like to do it themselves. This is just fine in a BJs cart but not in a cart where they are likely to tumble out and fall 4 feet due to the design.
Perfectly nice true double. Not sure why they don't fight about sitting in these...maybe because they only see them every 6 or 8 weeks?
And, I am just not willing to plan my life so that my toddlers don't have to go to the grocery store.

Driving today before the escapes began
So today, we may or may not have been spotted by our pediatrician with two 1.75 year olds in various stages of climbing the car cart...we are working on either a) staying in the car or b) walking and holding hands 75% of the time when we shop now. We do most of our weekend shopping together or with the jogging stroller, so this is working ok (aka they walk a lot of the time). But they're just NOT ready to be free yet...I tried a few weeks ago and ended up carrying 2 20 month olds out of Target football style.  They WERE having a good time but I couldn't grab the ONE STINKING ITEM I wanted plus keep them BOTH within an arms length (one item aside, I couldn't do it). Maybe by next year this time they'll be mature enough that there is no running down aisles.

(Ironically, the basket on this car cart does have a double seat, but what kid wants to sit up there when there is a car option?)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Six flags

The girls are in the midst of their first amusement park trip with mixed results. This far, Quinn is not amused.

Update: Avery had a darn good time. Quinn enjoyed putting rocks in her hair at lunch. She was done done done with rides after the Teacups.

Monday, May 13, 2013

sleeping in

We've worked out a really good program around these parts for weekends - trading off.  While there are some times this doesn't work - like if we have early morning plans - it is generally successful.  We occasionally have some debate as to who gets up early on Saturday, but overall it is a win. I slept till NINE on Saturday. NINE. AM. Amazing.

We've actually had pretty decent overnight sleep recently (well, aside from Avery's recent cold), but there are some tooth related interruptions (I'm blaming them on teeth anyway). Last night, they both woke at 4:45.  Based on our interaction, I actually think if I'd had 4 arms or two chests to sleep on, both would have gone back to sleep (Chris was sleeping in, as she had a big work meeting Monday afternoon - normally we'd have each taken one)...but alas...we got out to the couch, all laid down and snuggled for a bit, then they NOTICED EACH OTHER. And it was party time. On the upside, they were happy as clams and not screaming, and I was able to pin them between myself and the back of the couch (back cushions off). Around 5:30, I threw in the towel and figured no one, including me, was going back to sleep, and got them milk and turned on the tv. And magically....they watched it. I think Sesame Street was on. I'm not really sure. I fell back asleep until they started hitting me over the head at 6:05 when Barney came on. TV time done, but hey, I more or less got to sleep in, right?

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The girls went to the library for the first time today! We played with the toys and read some books :). We didn't bring anything home since we have soooo many books as it is, but maybe next time. AND they walked the block back to the car holding my hands and climbed in on their own. Win! Maybe next time I will risk letting them walk around for a minute so I can grab a book off the shelf for me!