Monday, May 13, 2013

sleeping in

We've worked out a really good program around these parts for weekends - trading off.  While there are some times this doesn't work - like if we have early morning plans - it is generally successful.  We occasionally have some debate as to who gets up early on Saturday, but overall it is a win. I slept till NINE on Saturday. NINE. AM. Amazing.

We've actually had pretty decent overnight sleep recently (well, aside from Avery's recent cold), but there are some tooth related interruptions (I'm blaming them on teeth anyway). Last night, they both woke at 4:45.  Based on our interaction, I actually think if I'd had 4 arms or two chests to sleep on, both would have gone back to sleep (Chris was sleeping in, as she had a big work meeting Monday afternoon - normally we'd have each taken one)...but alas...we got out to the couch, all laid down and snuggled for a bit, then they NOTICED EACH OTHER. And it was party time. On the upside, they were happy as clams and not screaming, and I was able to pin them between myself and the back of the couch (back cushions off). Around 5:30, I threw in the towel and figured no one, including me, was going back to sleep, and got them milk and turned on the tv. And magically....they watched it. I think Sesame Street was on. I'm not really sure. I fell back asleep until they started hitting me over the head at 6:05 when Barney came on. TV time done, but hey, I more or less got to sleep in, right?

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