Monday, June 11, 2012

almost toddlers

Its really getting hard to wrap my head around how fast they're growing up. They're only 10.5 months, and aren't walking yet (heck, I know we're not adjusting their age at this point, but there's plenty of babies the same age who weren't 5 weeks early who aren't speed crawling and cruising at this point!), but they're looking more and more toddler like each yet.

cheerios and planning an escape...
They come home from daycare in pigtails sometimes.
They own hairbows (ok, they don't have THAT much hair, but it is still cute). They are learning to use snack cups, and working on sippies. They don't stay where you left them for a SECOND. We have a gate in our hallway. Yeah, toddlerhood, here we come...

our new $5 yard sale toy.

it'd be more of a hit if they had space to push it more than 10 feet :)


  1. so cute! and...for the baby JUST took her first steps yesterday (almost 15 months). she crawled at 11 months. and my twins didn't walk until they were around 14 months.

    your girls will move soon enough, TRUST ME! enjoy this time, when they can't move all over. don't rush them and try not to worry...they are perfect and beautiful!

  2. Our last baby started walking at 17 months. Now that they are all is a game changer. They work together to try to get past gates and climb furniture. Enjoy this time... They will be walking and then running soon enough. I enjoyed the cute pictures. That is a great deal on the push toy. Thanks for linking to Multiples Monday on Capri + 3.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  3. We are just a few months ahead of you and toddlerhood is CRAZY! Glad you already have your gates in place, because they are experts at getting into mischief!

    And awesome yard sale find!

    P.S. found you through multiples mondays!

  4. I'm not in a huge hurry for them to walk, but I know it is coming :)