Thursday, June 28, 2012

water babies

Few things are as awesome to these babies as water.
We bought a $5 (literally!) little pool at Target this past weekend, and it was an immediate hit!

It was also fun outside!

Interestingly, Avery was a bit more into it than Quinn. Quinn did eventually get in there, but she was pretty content to sit and splash a little and play with bath toys, while Avery was basically having a rip-roaring-in-the-pool-out-of-the-pool-diving-around good time.  I'm a little surprised by this, as Quinn took to the pool a SMIDGE better at our swim lessons this winter!
Yesterday was a water day at daycare, and her teacher told me Avery beelined herself into the little bitty pool each time they went outside. Quinn on the other hand took a nap in the shade!

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