Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Conception Chronicles: Moving Along

This is the third installment in a short series in our conception experience.

So once we got started, we hit some snags.
First cycle on Clomid-just-in-case: not even a single measurable follicle.
Second cycle, higher dose of Clomid: ditto
Third cycle, even higher dose of Clomid: sort of decent follicle. Awesome. Then we show up for our last pre-trigger follicle check and OH look at that fluid! You're ovulating RIGHT NOW. So we go chill in the lobby for a while whilst our Pharmacist thaws. Alas, no dice this cycle.
Fourth cycle, same dose. Slightly closer monitoring, and a single follicle of almost good size (a tiny bit smaller than the 20mm they like to see at trigger - hormone injection induced ovulation - time). 13DPiui (I think, its a little foggy now), positive pregnancy test!! awesome!

Alas, this pregnancy ended in a blighted ovum and a D&C. It was sad, but not heartbreaking. It was almost funny dealing with the doctors and nurses who were so apologetic. I think we weren't as upset as they are accustomed to, perhaps since we haven't been trying for the year+ common in infertility patients. We took this ok, seeing as there was never development beyond the yolk sac.

Fun Fact: Many RE offices put all patients on progesterone supplements as a precaution to help implementation and embryo growth. Crinone, the suppository version, kind of gets stuck up in there and has a texture very similar to feta cheese after a few days. FYI in case the nurse didn't mention it - it is OK to clean it out regularly!

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  1. Jean (fm The Bump)January 21, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    Yay! I have been stalking your blog, waiting for 'THE' story!! Looking forward to reading the rest!