Monday, July 11, 2011

name games.

We picked out first names for the babies long ago. No debate really. We have similar taste. Easy peasy.

But middle names.

Now, keep in mind, neither of us use our middle names. I kind of want to skip them since we're having issues and the babies will have a massive last name, but have been vetoed. We like the idea the kids could choose to go by their first or middle name later, or even both (ala Bobby Jo?). There is some merit though, to this since my brother uses his first name professionally (its kind of awful) and his middle at school/socially.
So help me out. What criteria did you use to pick middle names?
The grandmother's names are out. If it was a boy, the middle names would probably be our moms' maiden names, but they're both really ethnic (Polish and Slavic) and I can't do it with the girls.

We've been tossing around using names beginning w/ our initials (C&E) or our moms (M&E), but nothing has stuck. The first names are pretty Irish and kind of neutral. We have some ideas, but they're also pretty Irish/Gaelic (ironically, only one of us is Irish, and only 1/4) and I feel like middle names should have some meaning.

Sigh. any ideas/input?


  1. I agree middle names are the hardest. My husband has 2 of father-in-law has no middle name. And I have two last names. I have no answer for you! I happen to LOVE my middle name, though, and used it with my first name until I got two last names. Then it felt like a bit much.

  2. I obviously have no experience naming children, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. ;) My favorite is Elizabeth. Other than the fact that I just plain love it, it is my mom's middle name, the name of the church I grew up in, and my SIL is Beth. Other possible middle names I like are: Victoria (because DH and I met in the state of Victoria in Australia) and Iris (my favorite flower). I too like middle names with meaning.

    Since the first names are neutral, what about something feminine for the middle names, like flowers: Rose, Lily, etc? Grace is a popular middle name and very sweet. Along with Grace you could do Hope and/or Faith.