Monday, October 10, 2011


Look how giant they are. Seriously. I know they're still small (8 and 9 lbs at this photo), but they've nearly doubled in size since they came home and they don't look nearly as silly in their car seats.
also, can we discuss how "boy's" Carter's sleepers seem to be an inch longer than "girls"? wtf?
But, being 5 weeks early (and gestationaly disadvantaged in Quinn's case, thanks to IUGR), they're not quite up with their 2 month old peers. I know all babies develop differently, blah blah blah, and we're no where near 2 mo adjusted, but its still a bit of a drag to have them be tiny newborns for what feels like forever (they ARE damned cute though).

And I was pretty bummed when a facebook friend from HS posted a picture of her daughter - who is three days younger- with a big gummy grin. I know it'll come in time.

They are getting cuter by the day though  :)


  1. As usual, they are beautiful!

  2. Hi!!! Oh, my, your babies are **precious**! what sweetpeas! our own little one was 5 weeks early, too, and weighed nearly the same as Avery. Our Baby was 5 lb 2 oz as a singleton. it's so wonderful your twins did so beautifully and are gaining so well! they're right there w/ our baby girl weight wise. she hasn't smiled for us yet , either, but i'm thinkng anyday now. i can see a smile in her eyes :) congatulations!