Wednesday, November 9, 2011

our tiny little nuggets

I'm late with this, but how are our 3.5 and 5 lb babies over 3 months old! And over 9 and 10 lbs!? They're rockstars, seriously. They're on track (for the later end) for milestones for their actual age, and they're huge.

Birth: 3 lbs 8 oz (wayyyy below the bottom of the growth chart, even for 35w gestation) & 16 inches (slightly less far below but still at least an inch below the lines)
3 months: 9 lbs 9 oz (scraping the 1st percentile line for actual age, and around 10th for adjusted) & 22.5 inches (around 15th percentile actual and 55th adjusted). This is our IUGR baby, and I'm very proud.

Birth: 5 lbs 0 oz (
around 1st percentile) & 17 3/4 inches (2nd?)
3 months: 10 lbs 4 oz (3rd-ish (totally estimating off my handy graph here, in case you haven't figured this out) actual and 25 adjusted) and 24 inches (about 50th percentile actual and 95th adjusted).

Now, we don't technically need to be adjusting their age since they're on the charts and their growth curves have basically be exponential, but it entertains me and I think it illustrates how these babies are sort of huge now.  At least in height...Avery is about to pop herself into 6 mo clothes thanks to her long legs!  That said, as much as I gush about their chubby thighs, they ARE skinny babies.  According to WHO, Quinn is just under the 5th percentile in weight-for-length and Avery is not even on the chart. (Hey, Quinn won something! She's chubbier!!)

They're really remarkable babies, and already reminding us all babies will develop at their own pace. Avery likes to "stand" when you're playing with her...or if she's mad. She was upset last weekend and refused to bend her legs and basically stood in the Ergo screaming (of course, once I got her into it, she passed right out). Quinn does baby pushups for minutes at a time (amusingly, neither will do the other's big skill for more than a few seconds).

They're even big enough to ride in the umbrella stroller (well, with snugglers!)

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  1. Aww, they are so dang adorable! Good job mamas!:)