Monday, February 6, 2012


At the girls' 4 month well visit, our pediatrician advised waiting until closer to 6 months to start solids since a) they were a month early and b) Quinn's muscle control is a little behind.  At their 6 month well visit, she was impressed with their muscle control - even miss Quinn's! - and basically implored us to start solids asap given their weight for length and Avery's drop in percentiles (I DO think that was due to the Sickness more so than her solids intake, given that we've (well, Chris) has gone from being 12 hrs ahead on milk to 24 hrs ahead without thawing any...).

So after I picked them up from daycare on Friday, we popped into the grocery store to get some baby cereal.  The pediatrician said to get a whole grain (rather than white rice) so I opted for oatmeal. I don't really think there's any nutritional value to baby cereal, but figured we'd give it a shot as a first food (and we haven't had time to make anything for them yet).

We made the first batch super thin. Avery loved it and sort of whined each time Quinn was fed instead of her. She also grabbed the spoon and tried to eat it.

Quinn was on the fence.
On Sunday, we gave avocado a shot.
(I'd found some PERFECTLY ripe ones at the store on Friday. Seriously perfect specimens.)
We just mashed up some of the meat and gave each girl a slice. In retrospect, that was too much too soon. Avery just wasn't having anything to do with it, and Quinn must have gotten too big of a chunk from the slice  I gave her into her mouth because she gagged and threw up most of her breakfast bottle. Sweet.

They liked the oatmeal last night though (Quinn especially, ironically enough), so we'll try some avocado again tonight with milk mixed in to thin it out.


  1. Quinn's face is priceless in that second photo!

  2. Speaking from experience, try one new thing at a time - get them used to eating that texture for a few days/maybe even a week before you add another - also gives their bodies time to adjust to food versus just milk - it is a BIG adjustment for little bodies :) Have fun with all the fun new things the girls are doing/eating!