Monday, August 20, 2012

so I think the girls read this blog

Within days of my post on their mobility, Avery got up and started walking. She's been taking steps here and these (mostly prompted by us) but towards the end of last week, she started doing it more. A lot we'll even say.  I'd put her at about a 30% walker as on Sunday. She won't try to cover long stretches now, but she's suddenly standing unsupported (and doing millions of squats) all. the. time.

Quinn isn't far behind. She's typically been 3-4 weeks behind Avery in gross motor, but she is standing free a bit already.  We're guessing she'll just up and walk perfectly one day, much like she just decided to crawl away one day. No trial and error for this kid. She subscribes to my theory that nothing is worth doing unless you can do it right (which is something I struggle with and can't say around them ever again, since it's not long until they repeat us...).


  1. Avery and Quinn are doing a great job with their walking! That is wonderful. It was great to see a video of their new skill.

    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)

  2. Hehe! New walkers are an adventure for the whole family, most definitely! Congrats on your girls reaching (or about to reach) the next milestone!! :)