Thursday, March 7, 2013

photo time!

I just picked up a Groupon for photos at Target....

We take a lot of photos at home - especially now that we have iPhones! - but it is nice to have photos done "professionally". I am just not willing to spend $$$ on a boutique/private photographer, so all of our photos have been done either by new "photographers" looking to build portfolios on the cheap, or cheap studios (the count is currently 2 new guys - newborn + 1 yr and 1 studio - 6 mo photos at JCPenney).  They're not amazing, but in the long run, one or two hangable photos from every 6 months is sufficient. And in 30 years, will I regret not spending 5-10x as much on "nice" photography? Probably not.

So now the question is, for our belated 18 month photos, what to wear? I think I want to put the girls in these cute checkered dresses (that were a gift from Grammy last summer, but were too big...) but what do we wear? The package includes 3 photos on CD, so I'm hoping to get one good family shot and a couple of the girls on their own.

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