Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Conception Chronicles: Back on the Wagon

This is the ninth installment in a short series about baby making.

After I didn't get pregnant in October, we changed donors (goodbye pharmacist, hello musician) and returned Chris to the injectibles I think the cycle started right around Thankgiving.  Stim went better this time, still not great lead follicles, but her E2 stayed reasonable and with a slower pattern (and pushing ovulation out a couple of days with other drugs!) we had two leaders and a few laggers. So we triggered mid-December (clearly dates are not important to me), and gave it a shot.

And we got the faintest line ever, the kind of line you have to hold at the right angle to see in the light, at 10dpo!

We left for St.Louis for the holidays on Dec. 23, making a pit stop on the way to the airport for bloodwork. Her 14dpo HCG was over 300. Score.

Of course, heading to St. Louis for 10 days, there was no follow up bloodwork or 5 w ultrasound, so we were left in suspense until our return at 5w4d. Luckily, she was pretty much exhausted and slept through Christmas, so I felt good about her status as newly pregnant!


  1. you can't just end there! we're all dying in suspense!

  2. Can't wait to hear the NEXT post! :)