Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Conception Chronicles: Win

This is the tenth installment in a short series about baby making.

5w4d ultrasound. Healthy yok & gestational sacs.
6w4d ultrasound. Healthy sacs, measurements, and heartbeats.

We followed this up with a couple of rocky weeks (for reasons I don't want to rehash, but since resolved) of appointments with our RE, and graduated to the OB! Since we're moving, we had to find a new doc, and I was lucky enough to get a referal from an old friend who is a NICU nurse to a really awesome MFM (high risk OB) to take care of us. Why the MFM instead of a regular OB? Well, whenever there's plural babies, a pregnancy is inherently higher risk. While we didn't HAVE to go this route, I feel safer with it. And, bonus points, our MFM does deliveries, so we are only seeing him, not an OB + MFM for consults. One stop shopping win.

our twins, EDD Sept 1, 2011 (but more like Aug. 10!)

And folks, the Conception Chronicles are complete (for 2011 at least!).


  1. Wow, congratulations!!! I think you kind of glossed over the twin factor (being pregnant with twins that is), and soo didn't prepare us for that possibility! Lol...

  2. Congrats! Soooo happy for you all!