Sunday, May 22, 2011

diapers, part B

One day there will be a follow up to this post, but no time soon (seeing as its a couple of months till our babies arrive to begin with!).

stash to date (missing our 72 prefolds, 4 S workhorse fitteds, and 2 flip covers)....the bottom 4 rows are the One-Size diapers & covers waiting for 12 lb babies!
As I alluded to in my previous post, we plan to transition to One Size diapers one the babies are big enough. If we end up liking fitteds, we might get a couple of extra of those (likely Thirsties Duos or some GMD workhourse sized ones to make it more economical).  Since its going to be a while until we know what works for us, I've built us a pretty diverse One Size stash - pockets from various brands (still need to pick up some Kawaii and maybe Happy Heinys, and I'm torn about Fuzzibunz due to the elastic adjustments), a couple of all-in-ones (still need a couple of Bum Genius Elementals and I'm interested in Bright Star Baby even though they're not one size....the size range looks huge!).  I've also gotten a few one-size covers (GroVia and Flip) that we can use with our infant prefolds tri-folded, which sounds like a compact option for being out-and-about with the babies. I think I will pick up a couple of GroVia soakers to try those out too.
ok, this was kind of a splurge, but adorable - and minky soft...

Do I sound like a crazy person?
Why am I diaper obsessed?
Because I can't build a nursery due to our living arrangement, and its all I can purchase/obsess over right now.

So...long story short, we already have about a dozen one size diapers (a mix of pockets & all in ones, and I'll probably get another 4-6 to round out my "wants" before the babies come) and 6 one-size covers. Its quite the diverse stash. I figure we can sell whatever we don't like and get more of what works for the babies (and us). I think in the end we'll end up with around 36 pocket/all in one diapers (ratio unknown), enough to wash every 2 days with babies using 9 diapers/day (a comfortable estimate for an infant, allowing us not to run out) plus those extra covers and some inserts (prefolds we have already, perhaps some bigger ones, branded inserts, and maybe a couple of the aforementioned fitteds).

So far we've I've spent $290 on one-size diapers. I estimate with the rest that we need (another 2 dozen + lets say a dozen inserts and a few fitteds, assuming we like the "hybrid" covers), we'll spend another $650 or so. I don't think $1000 is too bad for 2 years of diapers for twins (4mo-2.5 yrs), given that my conservative (e.g. cheap) calculations put the cost of disposables for 2 babies from 16 weeks to 2.5 years at about $2700 (plus the environmental impact of all that plastic - I've seen figured between 2 & 4 percent for disposable diapers as a percent of total landfill waste).

As an added bonus, there is a shocking good resale market for cloth diapers (I've bought all of our stash so far second hand or on sale) so we'll likely recoup a lot of the cost (plenty to cover our increased water bill, a constant theme of nay-sayers - seriously folks, watering our lawn a lot in the summer ups the bill by like $30/mo. You can't really think washing diapers uses NEARLY that much water, right??)

Are you bored yet? My wife sort of glazes over when I talk about diapers.


  1. can't recall the source right now, but i've read that with a high-efficiency washer, you really only spend $8 per year laundering the diapers.

    i could talk about diapers forever! have you worked out your "toilet" system yet? i just used my first diaper sprayer today and CANNOT believe i've gone two years using toilet tongs with a vegetable scrubber. sprayer=vastly superior! (of course, it requires a relatively permanent dwelling and hardware install...)

  2. I super LOVE this post! You have an amazing stash and I'm totally jealous! I can't wait to see those cutie little babies with the fluffy butts! I also can't wait to hear what you think of all the different dipes. My favs are the BG snaps. Sooo nice. And another washing tip if you don't want a sprayer is if you have a utility sink you dump what you can in the toilet and then take a toothbrush and scrub under the water in the utility sink.

  3. these comments are making me think we might want a diaper sprayer...but how do you spray without getting crap all over the bathroom?