Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so why cloth?

ok, in all honestly, I'm nesting. Except we're moving. And living, weekdays, in my parents' attic. nursery for us and this is the best I can do.

But besides that, here's some reasons I am cloth obsessed:

1) Cost. Discussed previously. In short, I think we'll save upwards of $1500 (probably more like $2000+) with cloth diapers.
2) Waste.

That's a lot of diapers. Check out this link for some more detail. I know its biased blah blah blah, but you can't dispute that's a lot of plastic.
3) Freaky chemicals. Dry max and that gel stuff and the stuff that changes color when wet isn't exactly au-natural. And they smell funny.
4) Everything I read indicates babies in cloth are less prone to blow outs. I'm on board with something less likely to get poop all over my house.

All that said, we won't be purists - I'm sure we'll need disposables for airplanes and such, and we'll be using disposable wipes for poo at minimum.  We may even end up in disposable diapers for daycare, but that is a huge unknown (and point of stress that isn't addressable given our residence situation). But at least at home, we're going to try to be green & cheap about diapers!


  1. So this is probably completely shallow of me, and maybe you'll have to wait to report back on this when your babies are born... But the thing that really holds me back from considering cloth diapers (you know, for my unconceived children...) is the yuck factor. I've changed plenty of disposable diapers, but never cloth. Is this a concern for you?

  2. @Carrie, I've been doing cloth diapers for 2 years and we also use disposable. I can't say that cloth is any more yucky than changing disposable. There really is nothing UN-yucky about a poopy diaper of any variety.

    With disposable, you still have to touch it when you wad it up and shove it into whatever storage vessel you're keeping crappy diapers in around your house. That's gross! Cans full of feces around the house!

    With cloth, you have to touch it when you get the solids into the toilet, but then you have a rinsed off diaper in your diaper pail til wash day, rather than a can of feces.

    There is no winning the war against poop...

  3. Good for you! We cloth diaper our twins and our toddler and it's so easy, I wish I would have done it with my older kids. It's good for them, good for the environment, and it'll save you a ton of money!

  4. Oh and I found your blog from TB. I'm leviandlandensmom :)