Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cloth diapers

We're slowly starting to use them, but I had to order another box of disposable newborn diapers today. Extra painful since besides all of our diapers, we have about 250 size 1 disposables awaiting little bums! Our little Quinn is just hitting 4.5 lbs now, so it'll be a good while until she fits will even in the newborn stash I got us.
fitting into a lil'joey...but not quite into the BumGenius XS yet!

Avery wears them when I put them on her, but they're still a little big as she's not quite 6 lbs yet - she can't even wear the bum genius XSs yet (and grandmas' aren't interested in prefolds). Newborn 7-10 lbs cover might not be working yet...
So more review to come. Eventually.


  1. Aww. that pic of Quinn reminds me so much of Gray. He was 4lbs 6oz at discharge and had those skinny arms and legs too! So cute!

  2. yikes! so sorry you had to order another case of the newborn dipes. maybe the girls will have a growth spurt and you can sell the disposables!

  3. The covers might be a little big, but they still look adorable!