Saturday, August 27, 2011

Newborn diapering

Size conundrum I mentioned in my previous post aside, I've been pretty happy with cloth diapering so far.

First, they're pretty darn cute. 
Second, Bailey has, um, snacked on a couple of used disposables. Have you ever seen pee soaked disposable diaper gel? It reminds me of that silica gel stuff used to keep new shoes and such moisture free. Everyone in our house looks at me a little weird when I talk about it, but having that stuff next to our little newborn's bottoms 24/7 kind of skeeves me out.

Anyway, Avery is in cloth about 50% now, and Quinn will be soon (eg, when I make diapering decisions).

So, a rundown of my reviews to date on our newborn diapers:

Prefolds: nice and soft, love how fast they wash/dry, cheap and absorbant. I don't love changing them since, well, they're wet, but they go on fast and I love them for when I know I'll be changing a diaper again asap (eg, before a feeding). They're also a million times better than bibs as, well, bibs. Maybe we have crappy bibs but spitup seems to roll right off of them.

Workhouse fitteds: So far s
o good. I feel like the elastic in these is a tiny bit tight but maybe her little legs are just sensitive? They are on the thinner side and I find the snaps a little difficult, but I love how these fit under covers.

Thirsties fitteds:  We have some XSs (discontinued, I bought them used) and size 1s, both in velcro. LOVE these. easy on, and so plush and soft. Pretty fluffy though on our 6lb-ish baby, about the same size as a snappied prefold.

Covers: We have some Thirsties XS, Thristies Duo size 1, Rumparooz NB and Bummis Super Bright NB. The Bummies are 7-10 lbs and huge on her, so no review there. My favor on the others is the order I listed them in. I find the rumparooz are sort of wide.  The Duo is a trimmer cover, which must be why it doesn't feel as bulky despite similar snaps.  The XS is a nice fit though, even on our little baby.

Lil Joeys: freaking adorable and work just fine for us! These also dry suprisingly fast.

Bum Genius XS AIO: I think these are also discontinued, but we have a few in the xs and s sizes. The XS is supposed to be 6-12 lbs, and I like how trim they are, but we keep getting leg leaks. I think Avery's thighs are still too skinny.

Thirsties Duo (Size 1): Love. We've been using just one insert (it snaps together) and so far so good. LOVE the gussets.

As a sidebar, I got Luvs for our "extra" disposables and I hate them. We have 300 and they're working fine, so we'll use them. But I'm thankful the 300ish Size 1s we were given are Pampers. The Luvs smell TERRIBLE when peed in. Maybe it is on purpose to be sure you change the baby?


  1. I'm a Thirsties lover, too. We are at a point where we use a lot less pre-folds for diapering, but sure do use them for potty accidents and kitchen spills. I'm hanging on to those suckers for years after I'm done diapering.

  2. I am so impressed that you're cloth diapering your twins! I want to give it a try but have yet to get on it. Thanks for doing all the research :)

  3. LOL. We're doing a "cloth diaper" week on our blog this week. Our little guy is a few months older than your girls, and there's only one of him, but maybe there's still some carry over. I'm impressed at your stash of tiny diapers. We used disposables until The Bean fit into smalls.