Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 months

The babies are well over 1/3 of a year old.
They're 21 weeks old. That's older outside babies than they were gestationally when we came clean about them being girls (since we knew from 13w).
Crazy talk.

They're really freaking cute these days. Lots of coos and giggles. They're within the developmental norms for actual age (being 5 weeks early, its expected they'd catch up by 5 mo), especially Avery. Quinn is a couple of weeks behind her, but (my non-medical opinion is she is) on track for somewhere between her physical age at birth (being IUGR and the size of a 30/31 weeker) and adjusted age.  At this point we have no reason to be concerned about her, but it is noticeable if you're around them a lot that she's not quite as physically advanced as Avery. Or maybe she's just destined to be more cuddly and less physical? Time will tell I guess.
oohhh hi. I guess I can not cry for the camera for a second.

I want to roll over soooo badly...

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  1. Happy 5 Months girls! They are adorable and look super strong! Our girls are 7 months old today. It's amazing how fast the time flies!