Monday, December 5, 2011


Sunday morning I had some things to return to the store, so I decided to take Quinn with me for the trip since she was up and chipper (Avery of course woke up as I walked out of the door...). This is the first time I've taken just one baby anyplace (excepting the early days when Quinn was in the NICU and we went out to eat with Avery, which doesn't really count anyway, especially since newborns are uber easy to leave the house with).


Easiest thing ever. 

Quinn around 8 weeks old in a 0-3 sleep gown. 9 weeks later and her feet almost reach the bottom
Now, I admit,
in anticipation of only having to anticipate the needs of one baby, I decided to live on the edge...and I wanted to get to the store ASAP before it got crowded and I needed to leave the house before anyone else (see above) woke up and threatened my plans. I really lived on the edge. Quinn had eaten and been changed literally minutes before I decided to take her along, so I threw an extra diaper and a small bottle in a wet bag, stuck a bib on her just in case the car didn't agree with her breakfast, and popped her in the carseat. Since our single stroller doesn't recline, I opted for a carrier since she's not nearly stable enough to be upright and I didn't have time to move the snuggler.  When I got to the store, I really lived on the edge. I left the bag in the car.

With Quinn strapped into the Ergo, off we treked into Kohls to make a return. It was empty and I had some Kohls Cash to spend, so we walked around for a while getting gifts for my cousins' kids for Christmas. It was pretty awesome. She fussed here and there, but as soon as I started moving again she stopped. The only thing I would change is I'd get a cart next time - she's way too small to sit in one at this point, but I could have used it for my stuff! It was hard to carry my purchases with the carrier, and then purse was strapped down under her! oops. 

We're pretty good at getting out with both kids, but it was much easier to get one baby in and out of the store without the stroller, supplies for the inevitable, and trying to perfect the timing so no one is hungry or poopy. I think it'll be a nice habit to get out with one at a time on occasion for both peace and quality time!


  1. To this day, being with one kid vs the two of them is night and day. It is so much more calm, focused, and (many days) more pleasant! :)

  2. Getting out with one is definitely much easier. It's always nice to have that 1-on-1 time. I love using carriers but can't use them as much as I'd like because then I'd still have to push one baby in the stroller. Maybe I should try one on the front and one on the back ;) (kidding, of course!)

  3. holy cow! you DO live on the edge. you are so brave and clearly amazing and expert at all of this. leaving the bag in the car? sneaking out? i love this story!