Friday, April 13, 2012

the big FF

So far our formula experience has been a total failure (hence FF).

Over the course of the week, Quinn has spit up no fewer than 4 entire feedings (two of which were at day care and were breastmilk, not formula). 3 of those were on me. Awesome. The poor baby also had loose stool all last weekend and dehydrated pasty stools Monday and Tuesday (when the spitting up started).  Its really the result of the powerful antibiotic she was on for an unresolved ear infection, but now I'm wary about giving her formula. What if it WAS the formula and not the meds? Unlikely, but thanks to my latest Mother of the Year application - see above re poop and puke...I didn't call the pedi and have her discontinue the meds until she'd been on them for 8 days, 4.5 days after the disagreement with her bowels started - I am a little paranoid. The little bitty peanut lost 1/2 a pound according to our scale. This is not weight she can afford to drop.

The other failure was totally my fault. I'm a researcher, and probably over-read on the baby front. I know lots of things about complications we don't/didn't have (I do follow a couple of Multiples message boards and blogs, so that is a big source of my information).
Formula is simple.
Lots of people, a majority of people, and certainly a majority of Moms of Multiples, formula feed.

I fucked up the formula.

The package clearly says 1 scoop per two ounces, not one scoop per one ounce. No wonder it was so damn thick.  Avery had two bottles like this before I realized it. Oops. (Note the "Recipe" in Try 3 of my original post)

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