Tuesday, April 10, 2012


After a bit over 8 months, my amazing wife's amazing 500 oz or so freezer stash is almost gone. She's still going strong pumping, but has lost a bit of supply with work and the normal dips, and the girls still eat 24-32 oz each a day (she's average 45 oz now). So we had to buy formula for the first time this weekend.

Now, I know a majority of parents formula feed, especially working moms of older babies.
Formula is easy, right?

I am an idiot and it took me three tries to make a bottle Sunday night.
Since they haven't had formula since they were 2 days old (and then they drank those ready-to-feed nursers at the hospital), I've never mixed it before, and I only wanted to make a little bit since I didn't know if they'd take it straight.

Try 1: add 2.5 scoops formula to one of those little Medela pump bottles and fill it with water. Fail. Clump of damp powder on the bottom.

Try 2: Fill Medela bottle (again one of those skinny ones) with water. Add powder. Fail. 1 scoop of formula sitting atop water...

Try 3. Add 3 oz of water to normal sized bottle. Add 3 scoops of formula. Shake for 999492 minutes. OK. That worked.

I was once an engineer.

Eventually I'll report back on getting our breastmilk fed babies to drink the stuff. So far not so good. Its so much thicker and stinkier...they aren't fans.

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  1. Your wife is a superstar! I so commend her. Really! Maybe I'll hang up her picture when I have to pump for Octagon :)

    But anyway, we had to supplement and I ran into the same problems. The smell is indeed gross. I think we just went with the vigorous shaking in the end. At first, we had to give M mixture bottles of BM and formula until he'd agree to drink it, if that's helpful at all.