Tuesday, May 29, 2012

10 months

The girls are 10 months old today! Isn't that nuts?

To celebrate, both came down with colds yesterday (Quinn even got a bonus present of croup).

They're freaking cute these days. Both are speed crawling now, pulling to stand, and lowering themselves down with grace (until a week or so ago, Quinn just cried when she wanted to sit again!).  They both clap and are super happy when we get home from work.  They have continued to be so-so sleepers - a good night is 7:30-5:30 - and ok nappers. We're not big schedule people (and naps are mostly a daycare issue - they nap pretty well at home on the weekends), so whatever, except I think it might be time to do some tough love for that morning wakeup call...

AFTER Avery is done with this bout of teething. She is a, um, rough teether, and is currently getting her top two. I think one is through the skin, and the other is just about there. Quinn popped out her two bottom ones last week with nary a complaint, as long as her soothie was handy in the crib for chewing (pacifiers aren't for sucking...just teething, hah).

Avery continues to be our mover, and I think she's thinking about walking.  She's let go and stood on her own a couple of times, and she spends most of her time cruising and standing around. Her favorite thing to do is to try to get to and eat your shoes. They're like magnets for dirt. Quinn is still our chatterbox, and is definitely the micro-focused baby. She loves music and banging on her drum (an old potatochip canister) or the iPad.  They're both bitty baby bullies at daycare, stealing toys from unsuspecting babies. I think they're just advanced on "sharing" ;) since most babies don't have to deal with that!

They're still peanut sized - I'd guess Avery is about 15.5 and Quinn a bit over 14 now. She has a weight-check appointment tomorrow night to see if she's back on her curve. They're still wearing 6 month clothes - saving us some money by getting a ton of use of out of their clothes to compensate for their big daycare bill ;) - but I did wash up some of the 9 month stuff (summer rompers and shorts that can't be worn in the fall) and it fits ok...just loose :)  They both have bitty feet, and I'm getting nervous about finding them early walker shoes!!

They're pretty distractable while eating these days, so you really need to be holding them to get them to drink a bottle unless they're starving. They are mostly on breastmilk still with a bit of formula to supplement (and let Mommy sleep a bit!).  They really love feeding themselves and get quite angry if a meal only involved a spoon. Yogurt is still a hit though, and while we made most of their veggie and fruit purees, we feed them commercial "meat" purees since they don't like mine and won't eat table meat yet (and the pedi wants them eating meats/a lot of protein).  They eat table food for pretty much everything else now. Ritz crackers and avocado are their favorites, and they're starting to get into Cheerios.

They're so super adorable, and while sometimes it can be taxing, there's nothing better than 4 little hands climbing up your leg when you get home.

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