Monday, May 7, 2012

9 months

We had our 9 month well visit last Wednesday, and it went...well. It was ok. They're developmentally on track. But Quinn is way off her weight curve, and we're now supplementing with extra calories in a couple of bottles, and Avery won a nebulizer for her cough (that is a JOY...).

percentiles from this site for actual age. It uses the CDC and not WHO charts, but whatever, good for scanning curves at least. It also reports anything at 5% or under as 5, which is ridiculous...Quinn is more like 3rd, if that, in weight when you look at the chart.

Birth: 3 lbs 8 oz & 16 inches
1 month (40w gestational): 5 lbs 13 oz (5th) & 19 inches (5th)
2 months: 7 lbs 13 oz (5th) & 20.5 inches (5th)
3 months: 9 lbs 9 oz (5th) & 22.5 inches (29th)
4 months: 10 lbs 9 oz (5th) and 23 inches (16th)
6 months: 12 lbs 0 oz (5th) and 24.75 inches (24th) 

9 months:  13 lbs 14 oz (5th) and 26 inches (38th)

Quinn is a talking machine and babbles all days. She loves music and dances by shaking her head (you'd think she was saying no). She still can't quite push to sitting but zooms around army crawl style. Quinn is the independent one - she prefers to go to sleep alone in her crib, and prefers to feed herself thankyouverymuch.

Birth: 5 lbs 0 oz (5th) & 17 3/4 inches (5th)

1 month (40w gestational): 7 lbs 13 oz (7th) and 20 inches (38th)
2 months: 8 lbs 14 oz (9th) and 22 inches (46th)
3 months: 10 lbs 4 oz (10th) and 24 inches (80th)
4 months: 11 lbs 13 oz (12th) and 24 1/4 inches (60th)  
6 months: 13 lbs 2 oz (6th) and 26 inches (71st)

9 months: 15 lbs 6 oz (5th) and 27 inches (47th)

Avery is the mover and the shaker. This is no shock, as she was the mover and shaker in utero too (actually I think they were both pretty chill - though they both had anterior placentas, so who knows). She stands ALL THE TIME, including while being held. She's cruising a bit, and legit crawling these days. Her favorite food is yogurt and she'll eat anything in it.

I continue to find the difference in the CDC (these stats) and the WHO chart (which our pedi uses) interesting. On the WHO chart, Quinn is <2% (no shock there, she's below the CDC chart by quite a bit as well) and 5th percentile or so in height, and Avery is around 10th percentile (maintaining my theory from 6 months that American babies are bigger than most) and 25th percentile. 

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  1. Quinn and Avery are so adorable. They will love that you have kept such great track of their progress when they see this some day. Thank you for linking up to the first ever Multiples Monday on Capri + 3. I hope you return each week to link up one of your posts.
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