Monday, October 1, 2012

what a difference a year makes

11.5 months really.
They were about 11 weeks in the Oct 2011 pictures, and 14 months on the nose in the pictures from this weekend.

Every time I see Quinn crying the the pumpkins I laugh :)

On the same token, they're still minis.
Christmas 2011, just shy of 5 months (ok, maybe the 3-6 mo dresses were a little ambitious for the 11 and 12 lb peanuts)
September 2012, just shy of 14 months and trying on last year's dresses.


  1. I so wish my boys still fit into some of their clothes from last year, I have such a sentimental attachment to EVERYTHING from their first year!!!

  2. That is great that they still fit into the cute clothes from last year. The pictures are adorable. It is amazing how much they change in the first couple of years.

  3. Ah, if this were true in the Smith house! Thought you could use a laugh - weighed Madison today (at almost 5 months old) and she was 19 pounds 1 ounce! There is NO WAY she will fit into any clothes from her first 5 months of life, considering she is in 6/9 and 9 month clothing right now! I think these pictures should be shadow boxed with both pictures for each girlie! Such cuties you both have :)