Monday, November 5, 2012

15 months!

I can't believe it (I am also a week late. I can't even blame the hurricane. I just forgot.).

They're toddlers now. I mean Toddlers, with attitude. I thought we had more time. Examples:
  • Anything you ask Avery, she responds: "No". Even if she means "Yes."
  • Tantrums. Epic crying. Example: "You sat on my car. The one I wasn't sitting on but was thinking I might. I don't care that it is IDENTICAL to the other one 3 feet away. NO MOVING TO THAT CAR DOES NOT FIX THIS. I will now proceed to scream semi-intermittently for 90 minutes because I am mad" That is a rather dramatic but true example, which resulted in an emergency trip to the doctor to rule out an ear infection. Quinn was fine. Our ears were not. Every-day tantrums typically involve several minutes of dramatic yelling and sometimes full body theatrics over things like spoons, hats, and socks they removed but cannot put back on. Or "You gave her the STRAW cup and me a SIPPY. ASSHOLE". Of course, their words are limited, so it all comes out like AAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAHHH gasp for air AAHHAAAHAHAHAHA et al.
  • Everything must be done 10 times. Sock on, sock off, hat on, hat off, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, pop ball thing apart, reassemble. You get the drift.
  • Avery has a few, though she only intermittently uses them properly. Mostly she likes to say them over and over to hear her own voice. Mama, (ba)nana, sa(ock), apple, yellow (it sounds like yellow but we think it is something along the lines of "what is that"), cookie(monster)
  • Quinn talks less but tends to be spot on to what she wants. Mama, (ba)nana, apple, a(ll) da(one)
  • They both sign more, please, banana, milk and cracker. 
  • In my unprofessional opinion, their receptive language is good for their age. They'll follow simple directions (when they feel like it), like "bring me Cookie" or "put the socks in the basket".
Physical development:
  • They're both walking now (about 2.5 mo for Avery and 1.5 for Quinn). Both just got up and walked one day, and went to full time walking in just a couple of days. Funny how fast it happened after I stressed over it a bit. Avery is close to running. 
  • They both use a fork at home, and are working on spoons. Quinn's fine motor skills are somewhat better and she can draw good lines with a crayon and is better with the spoon. (so hard not to compare!)
  • Our last weigh in was a month ago, but I think they're about 18 and 19 lbs now and 29 inches or so. Scraping the damn chart, but on it!
  • right around 14 months, we turned a magical corner and they both starting sleeping through the night consistently. This has reinforced my growing opinion that a) they needed to eat for months and months and b) you just can't MAKE someone sleep.
  • Of course, right as we settled into that heaven, Avery started cutting molars (she has 8 teeth and 3 tiny dabs of white now) and I am 99% sure Quinn is working on tooth #6 (bottom left incisor)  so that kind of went to pot. They sleep fine when not in pain though. Sigh.
no photos today. maybe tomorrow. I'm behind in uploading.


  1. I can relate to the toddlers with attitude and emotion. We see the roller coaster from giggles to kicking and screaming in a matter of minutes. It is amazing how fast they transition. But...the giggles are well worth the screams. I have learned (or am still learning...) that there is no reasoning with the screaming moments. Congrats on turning the 'magical corner' of sleeping through the night. It is a sanity saver : 0 ) .

  2. Your girls sound JUST like ours re: attitude. I constantly get the shaking the head "no"! The tantrums are killing me too. Our Quinn always wants what Teagan was LOOKING at, let alone actually playing with. She's small as well but can be such a bully!
    Hope the sleep gets back on track soon!