Thursday, February 28, 2013

19 months

Are you kidding? 19 months? geez.

The girls are SO MUCH FUN NOW. Granted, they have their moments of tantrum and such, but they're generally hysterical, and such TODDLERS now.
Happy birthday Mommy!

Avery is into STUFF - she has a tigger and HAS to have it for nap and bedtime at home. And suddenly when she gets up, she wants to take her blanket with her. She isn't a morning person (or an afternoon person too close to naptime) and prefers snuggles, with you and the blanket, standing, for a while when she wakes up. Once in a while (I guess) she sleeps really well and wakes up happy but this isn't that often. Sunday we snuggled on the couch for a solid 45 minutes (when Quinn blissfully slept till 7) together, which was sort of awesome. And Sesame Street was on ;)
LOVE hats. Even Mama's.

Quinn isn't as attached to anything in particular, though they both are addicted to their hats and mittens. MET-in. MET-in. Sometimes they wear them until their food for dinner arrives (if we put them on leaving daycare).

They still are really enjoying daycare, as much as we can tell, but they are ready to go home when 5 pm rolls around. They say hi to me, then run over to get their jackets. Sometimes if I chat too long Avery will start yelling "BYE BYE" in an angry tone. Time to go! Quinn in particular is really getting into dressing herself. She can sometimes get her jacket on flip-over-the-head style, and I found her after nap yesterday with her pants off (and trying to put them back on. She would have succeeded too if she didn't have both legs in one hole). I guess no more velcro diapers for naptime? They also really enjoy taking off their socks (and are getting better at shoes) but can't quite get socks or shoes on yet. They HAVE to try to do both socks and shoes a few times before we can do it. Sometimes this means we help them a couple of times and they remove them then we can put them on for real. And people wonder why it takes so long to get toddlers dressed...
Also loves milkshakes...

They also are learning their letters and numbers. The other day, Avery started pointing at the letters on my teeshirt and saying (the wrong) letters. Not bad, right? They can almost count to three (hit or miss) and randomly walk around saying "nine".  A few days ago Quinn stood on a cushion and I was telling her to get down, and started counting....I said "One" and she looked me in the eye, grinned, held up a finger and said "ONE!".  We about died laughing. Might need to get better about that :)

One Year Ago
I can't believe they're over a year and a half now. They're older than it took us to have them (trying to get pregnant + C's pregnancy) and this time has gone by SO Much faster.

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