Sunday, August 11, 2013


The girls have really gotten into pretend play recently. It's adorable. They can spend an hour diapering their babies (and like to use every cloth diaper we own for this).
They also like to cook. We have a toy grill outside and they make hotdogs and pizza in the fake oven (its a grill/brick oven. They have nicer stuff than we do). 

They also really adore our new stool and are learning to help us cook for real. Most recently Quinn helped put the cheese on our pizza and Avery helped me make cookies. She was shockingly good at putting the flour in the bowl. She's also a kid after my own heart and kept trying to eat the dough (sorry kid, momma can give herself salmonella but not you)
At the moment they're parading around with gift bags talking about leaving to go shopping. Hysterical. 

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