Saturday, September 21, 2013

Apple picking

We went apple picking with a few of my old teammates and their families today. It was a huge milestone - for me. This was the first time I've taken the girls to a very public place solo and unrestrained. I try to be laid back, but sometimes it's hard with two young toddlers. I just started feeling comfortable at the park solo in the last couple of months. I imagine, though have no true way to know, this is one of the harder issues with twins - 2 & 4 means you have one kid with somewhat reasonable listening skills and a sense of danger. 2 & 2 (young two anyway, and certainly below) has so so much room for chaos.   It went well though, perhaps thanks in part to the tractor scaring Avery     And the promise of cider donuts 😉

Not impressed with the tractor ride

But loving all the loose chickens (and huge cage full of peacocks)

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  1. Looks like fun...except the tractor.
    So you can send my apple pie to... have a lot to smile about.