Sunday, June 30, 2013

23 months.

How are they almost two? I feel guilty calling them one year olds now, "just one" and similar, but am eating it up while I can. They are just not babies anymore and I am not sure I am ready. 

They're just so BIG now. I mean, they're still petite, but all of a sudden they are looking and behaving like little kids. Well, true toddlers. They (mostly Avery) tumble. They wash their hands. They have opinions and give orders and pretend to diaper themselves, toys and each other (mostly Quinn). They sing and talk and make requests. They eat cereal with milk and a spoon for heaven's sake!

All of a sudden their feet grew and shoes that were falling off in April when I bought them are perfect now. They wear pebbles ponytails most days (though Avery sometimes comes home from daycare with a real ponytail). I think they are going to get their first haircut this month.

They're really incredible. We are so lucky. 

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