Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life with twins

The girls are doing so many funny things now. I try and try to video them, but mostly I have videos of nothingness and screaming. They know the camera is there ;)

Their new obsession is the rocking chair in their room. They have started sitting in it and having milk while we (moms) read books sitting on the floor ;) sometimes they will start to get ready to sleep and pat (read: beat) each others backs. At daycare, their teachers (well, only their favorite, because they won't go to sleep for anyone but Ms. Caroline) pat and rub their backs and they expect the same at home. Sorry kids. Do each other. Momma doesn't hang out that long after bedtime ;)

Tonight Quinn bucked the trend though and pulled a diaper out of the box, laid it out on the floor, and demanded Avery get down and get changed. This didn't totally progress, but they spent a good five minutes pretend changing each other, diaper cream and all. Hilarious. 

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