Saturday, June 22, 2013

Words and words and words

The girls are talking so much now. It's just crazy. At Christmas, just shy of 17 months, I counted over 60 words, signs and sounds. I have no idea how many they have now, but it is a lot, and they're adding  more every day. They'll repeat pretty much any word you say to them. It really started picking up around 20 months and got dramatic around 21.5. 

 They're both speaking in simple sentences, especially Quinn. Avery sticks to things like "milk please" and "mamma up you" while Quinn says things like "Avery come here sit down!!!"  Avery is really into singing and will serenade you with "old mc Donald" or "twinkle twinkle" (complete with signs) randomly. Last week she sang the "rain rain go away" gone randomly on her own after hearing it once in the morning! Sponges!!!

It's really funny and fascinating to see their personalities continue to develop. Avery is physically bossy, a thief and a pusher while Quinn is more into words. She'll collapse on the floor screaming about how she was wronged - "Annie broom! broom! Mama! Annie no!!"  Quinn is also a bit more rule oriented. So far Avery spend more time in time out, often twice in a row, and Quinn will come over repeating the offense "no touch baby grass! Ouchies". She may be a tattle eventually. 

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