Tuesday, July 31, 2012



The girls kicked off their birthday weekend with a bit of celebrating at daycare...
early morning, before everyone has arrived

dude, I was eating my breakfast. why am I not at the table anymore?
On Saturday, we had a little party with our families...
(it is super hard to get two ONE year olds to smile at once!)
Right in the middle of the festivities, the sky opened. Chaos ensued, and I wish I'd been able to get some photos of the rain and what it did the the tent.
before the storm. You should have seen us trying to save the tent (we did succeed, but were soaked).
So we had cake inside...

As you may expect if you've ever seen these girls eat, Quinn picked it up dainty after looking at it for a while, and making sure it was a good idea to eat.

How could she be sure it was safe (and tasty)?

Well, Avery proved that fast.

After cake and presents, we went back outside and played in the rain-filled pool (we got about 2 inches in 30 minutes I think - the pool is a bit more filled as we added some warm water to it).

Overall, the party was a success, and it was a lovely first birthday celebration!

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