Monday, July 2, 2012

they really do grow up so fast

Its just one of those little weeks where you can't get over how fast those bitty, squishy babies - the ones who's heads fit in the palm of your hand - are growing up.

This weekend they rode in a toddler cart.  We frequently find them sleeping on their sides and backs now (they were once rather immobile belly sleepers). They moved to MOBILE infants at daycare today.

I am currently watching them - in real time - go down for naps. ON COTS. Avery (well, I think it is her anyway) appears to be asleep - it wouldn't shock me if she passed out eating lunch; they're still working on this not-napping-until 11:45 thing - but Quinn keeps crawling off. Their new teacher is sitting next to her now rubbing her back.
Quite a change in that classroom today, from 6 kids to 10 - the girls and their two boyfriends "graduated" - complete with balloons and bag of sand-toys - from Infants on Friday. I'm dying to see how their day went when I get home. Its a big change from baby-led Infants to scheduled Mobile Infants, even though the rooms connect!

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  1. That is great that they take naps on cots! What a nice teacher who rubs their backs to help them fall asleep--very sweet. Congratulations on your Mobile Infants!

    : 0 ) Theresa