Saturday, July 28, 2012

bitty babies/11 mo

So I totally missed their 11 mo update. Oh well. Sorry kids.

The biggest thing around that time was the latest bout of ear infections (which won us a bunch on omficef, since neither is tolerating the normal stuff...). And a lot of crappy sleep from the ear infections, the sleep, then who knows what. Bad habits on our part I guess. We need to work on that. Another post, another day.

At our 11 month appointment (a checkback on the ears + a weight check), Avery tipped the scales at 16lbs 4oz and Quinn hit 15 lbs on the nose. We'll see how they look on Wednesday. I'm hoping they're creeping back onto the CDC chart, but am going to bring my WHO chart anyway. They do eat and drink, but they're just not garbage disposal babies, which  I admit makes me nervous. Aren't 1 year olds supposed to eat everything in sight?? How did we skip that stage and go right to picky toddlers? 

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