Thursday, July 26, 2012

no more PT

Quinn has been in physical therapy since 2 or 3 months (I can't even remember, how pathetic is that?). She had a bit of torticollis (tightness in the neck) and was born with a pretty bad flat spot from being smushed on her mommy's pelvis in utero. About 2 months ago she was "officially" released from PT when she became a 4 limbed crawler and was officially caught up to her adjusted age (that big 5 weeks has always been a big deal with our IUGR baby developmentally).  However, our therapist offered to keep her on for a bit to make sure she kept developing her core muscles and such (and our insurance was ok with this).

Last night we said our goodbyes!  At just shy of 12 months actual age, Quinn is close enough to walking her therapist said she's really 100% caught up. She'll push walkers, cruises like a maniac, and can walk holding one hand.  She also said the marker for "normal" range for walking is 16 months adjusted, so really, even if they don't walk soon, they have 7 months from NOW to still be normal (hah). I really love our therapist, and to be honest, liked the bi-weekly vindication that we weren't screwing them up developmentally, but alas, all good (or bad, depending on your outlook) things come to an end.

They are shockingly mobile for not walking, I will admit. I AM looking forward to walkers though - think of all the things that will be so much easier when they can self-ambulate!

avery trying to climb the slide
Quinn scaling the correct side of the slide (the 'rock wall")

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