Tuesday, December 11, 2012

16 months!

Our babies toddlers are 16 MONTHS old (actually, 16 months and about 2 weeks. yikes)

babies and their Cookies
16 months. sheesh.

I am having a bit of trouble coming up with what went on this month. It is all a blur with the ear infections and Thanksgiving (and work and all).

They're such TODDLERS now. Attitudes. Avery says No to everything, even if she means Yes. They give kisses and hugs.  Kisses are a big favorite right now. They'll give kisses to the remote control. Speaking of the remote control, they'll bring it to you and sign Please. Maybe we should do less screentime at home (of course, I am typing this with a sick Avery in my lap watching YouTube...).

They LOVE Cookie(monster) and ask for him (well, ask for Sesame Street in general) by name, especially when in their high chairs. We have a (bad?) habit of putting on shows for them when we get home and get dinner together.

They will point out their bellies, heads, eyes, nose and ears and sometimes toes and knees. If you're lucky, they'll show you your belly too and poke it. Same thing for your eyes and nose. Bonus points for trying to remove your nose from your face, nostrils first.

They are really getting into mimicking - brushing teeth, brushing hair....they also love their shoes, and know which pair is theirs. Quinn tries to put them on. As soon as she learns "I DO" we will be in trouble.

They're expert walkers and are starting to climb a bit - I am hoping they don't become CLIMBERS because I'm not really keen on screwing all of our stuff to the walls.  They are good at stairs, despite not using them much. We have just started parking in the back of the house though, so they usually get to go up 4 stairs a few evenings a week. Avery can ALMOST do it one leg at a time.

Blueberries are our favorite food this month, and cheese is making a comeback. They're both also eating pasta now, which is awesome and has made packing lunches easier.  Quinn is a bit less picky and a lot more neat of an eater than Avery, but neither of them has even earned the "one year old garbage disposal" sticker. Toddlerhood might be interesting. They still drink about 20 ounces of milk a day each.

They're finally sleeping pretty well, when not teething or sick, sleeping 7:30-6:30 most nights and napping  2-3 hrs midday. Quinn just got her 8th front tooth and is working on a molar, and Avery has cut all 4 molars in the last couple of weeks. Shockingly these came in much easier than her first few teeth despite their remarkable size.

Overall, they're SO FREAKING cute. I miss them when I am at work now :)

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