Monday, December 3, 2012

one is tough

For the babies anyway.  As I've mentioned, we have toddlers now. Things are dramatic. Sometimes you get the wrong sippy. Sometimes Mom takes away the paper you were eating. Sometimes you just feel like screaming because it sounds like a good way to express your anger at the fact you're short but too tall to walk under the dining room table without hitting your head and you can't find anymore Kix to pick off the floor for a snack.

Both days this weekend Quinn woke up from her nap and was in hysterics within minutes. I'll skip the play by play, but the lesson learned here is it is not prudent to put tired babies down for their nap before lunch when their routine dictates lunch first. Even if that means lunch is at 10:45, that would be preferable to an hour of hysterics with the occasional bite of cracker because Tiny Toddler is too hungry to know what to do with herself and you offered milk before blueberries upon her waking.

In a similar vein, Avery, who didn't sleep well Saturday night, was hysterical at 6 pm and wasn't eating dinner Sunday, so I put her to bed early. She was up at 11 and had both of her mom's hand feeding her a midnight snack and some milk. Comically really, singleton-wanna-be baby. At least she went right back to sleep!

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