Thursday, December 13, 2012


We took the girls to see Santa last weekend at the mall. We arrived at 9:45 - Santa arrives at 10 - and were about 20th in line. Excellent.

The girls were SO good on line, though Quinn was less than thrilled when Santa made his grand entrance...

She did let go for a while, once he was out of sight...
AWESOME Santa. Legit beard and all.
 Avery looked like this pretty much the whole time.

40 minutes or so after our arrival, we were second to next to go. Avery took off down the mall hallway, or whatever it is called.
She was DONE waiting.
The kid RAN. Who knew she could run??

Then Chris caught her. Tears ensued. Meanwhile, Quinn got wind we were going to put her in SANTA'S LAP.

Awesomeness followed.
Evidence to follow.
Totally worth the $22.

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