Sunday, January 29, 2012

6 months old

How is that possible? They've been outside babies 70% of the time they were fetuses!! Crazy.

Where are we at 6 months?
so we're sick for our 6 month birthday...

But we are REALLY FLIPPING CUTE most days!

(our home photo shoot trial a couple of weeks ago)
We go to their 6 mo baby well visit on 2/1, so no height/weight stats yet, but I think they're doing amazing.  They're pretty much caught up to their peers (I guess that as many months as weeks early thing is about right)..  In short:

Avery is a barrel of laughs. She's more solid feeling than Quinn, and lends herself well to being "tossed" and flipped around (to the extent you can do these things with a 6 mo old baby).  She seems to enjoy these things a ton, with this big open mouth grin, but she only giggles at the end.  She has a VOICE when she is upset. She still loves to stand in the exersaucer, and is flipping belly to back and starting to sit unsupported.  She's a bit of a ham and loves to flash her gums for strangers.

Quinn is the inquisitive one. She is a lot lighter (feeling anyway) and still squishier. She also loves to stand but really loves the playmat. She can do tummy time forever and is rolling in both directions. She just learned to blow raspberries last week and that is her new favorite thing in the world!  Quinn is a total morning person and all smiles at 6 am. She also may be compassionate - she always stares at Avery when she's crying!


  1. I can't believe they are six months already! Super cute pics!:)