Friday, January 27, 2012

more guilt

Avery has her first cold. I'm sure its coming for Quinn, but for now, we only have one snotty baby with a low grade temperature.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights she didn't sleep well. She's never been a champ sleeper, so we are slowly letting her cry and work on self soothing more (we'll probably officially sleep train sometime in March once they're 6 mo adjusted - I think adjusted age is relevant for sleep issues). Thursday she got sent home from daycare for excessive crying.


So now I feel guilty for bitching and moaning most of Wednesday night and Thursday morning about the lack of sleep. Its hard to sleep through that screaming.

Chris picked her up (and Quinn) and brought them to the peditrician. Even though she didn't have a fever, this is weird behavior and we thought maybe it was an ear infection. Two copays later, they have colds.  What's my guilt here? My job isn't work from home friendly at all (besides that I've been there a bit under 6 months), and barring some giant emergency, I'll never be able to be their emergency pick up. I also can't drop off, since I start at 7:30 and work 40 minutes away (Chris is more flexible, for now anyway, and works 20 minutes away). Guilt.

I did let her sleep on me a lot of Thursday night, and am wearing her in the Ergo now. Doesn't totally stop the guilt (mom guilt and wife guilt) that I'll likely do a lot less sick days than Chris since she can work from home with a baby...

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