Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have a short video that goes with this photo, but its not uploaded. The voice over is "who wants to go swimming??" "SCREAMMMMMINGGG"
Really though, they love screaming swimming. They were just overdue to naps and not super excited to be put into their fleecy coveralls. We usually just use a blanket in the car, but it was about 20 and windy, so we added these. They're thin, no thicker than a fleece jacket (which I am told is OK for a carseat), so I figured it would be ok. Of course, they fell asleep in the car, had fun in the pool, then returned to their carseats for the remainder of their nap (and take out dinner for us, woot!).

We start swim lessons at the end of the month. So big, these girls are.

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