Wednesday, January 18, 2012


OK, not really. But they are almost 6 months old.
We were REALLY lucky to be able to keep them home until now. Chris was out of work until almost 4 months, and then her mom and my mom split watching the girls during the week. My MIL has returned home to StLouis, so the girls are now going to daycare three days/week (my mom will keep watching them Mon and Tues for a bit longer).

Today is their first day.

After much turmoil and back and forth, we went with a brand new center around the corner for our house. Its fairly average priced for the area (but much more than the bizarrely cheap center we almost went with). The location and hours are terrific, and so far we really like the staff. Hopefully that will keep up :) They're also friendly to our green/frugal tendencies - using breastmilk and cloth diapers - so that's a bonus for us.

Last night I dropped off their sheets, jackets, and about a zillion changes of clothes for them. Then we packed up the diapers, diaper cream, and 90 9 or 10 labeled bottles for the babies. We're used to reusing bottles until empty, so we had to buy more for daycare (we made 4 oz bottles for them, and send 2 2 oz snack bottles in as well. At home we just use 9 oz bottles and let them share until its gone!). SO many more dishes will be awaiting us tonight.  We also got out their outfits in the evening so it was all ready to go in the morning. I leave for work about an hour before Chris will be bringing the babies to "school" so I can't be of much help, so anything to make the transition smoother!!

I have to admit I was pretty super nervous this morning. I left my phone on the counter, so I had to call Chris for an update. Given that there were only 4 infants registered when we signed up 3 weeks ago, and now there is only one space left  in infants, I think we made the right call going right to this center instead of trying to get in in a few months (We were considering trying Cheapo Center for a bit first). Three other new babies started this week! Other than the chaos of several new infants starting at once in a brand new center still working out the kinks in their registration/check in system, it sounded like drop off went ok.

Now to see how things went when I pick them up tonight...

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