Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cloth diaper reviews, part C

disclaimer: these were all purchased with my own money and I receive no compensation for reviews.

Our newest addition: Bum Genius Freetime
In short, I LOVE love love this diaper. I am finding I really love AIOs (my Grovia AIOs (and AI2s), my Swaddlebees Simplexs and these are the first I reach for). I think it is because I am lazy. Stuffing pockets is annoying (though they certainly have a place in a stash, for nights and car trips especially).  This is an awesome diaper design, with the two half attached soakers and the stay dry top. Avery is sensitive, so the stay dry is a plus, and I can hang these diapers in my basement overnight without the low cycle I usually put my AIOs through before hanging to dry. They're generally half dry before I even pull them from my water-sucker washing machine. I picked up half a dozen of these to add to my daycare stash, and may get more as I finish selling off our NB/size 1/stuff I don't love. I am a little concerned about absorbancy for the toddler stage, but I think you could put a small soaker under the flaps, and we can cross that bridge if we ever come to it.  Next time I sell off some stuff we don't use/have outgrown, I might get more of these. I just LOVE how easy they are. Also, so far so good on the aplix for daycare - its sturdy!
Baby of Nerds = HAD to have the Albert print!
Sustainablebabyish fitteds. 

These are all the rage in the Cloth Diaper world for overnight (I might have a slight addiction with reading cloth message boards for new ideas...). Now, I'm not particularly into fitteds. They're expensive, way more on average than pockets, and you still need a cover. I DO still like our Thirsties Size 1s (we've long since outgrown the XSs, and these have a pocket to add absorbancy) for overnight, especially on the peanut, so I was really hopeful about these. I picked up 4 of these used, 2 snapless and 2 OBFs (one small and one medium). Avery, at 13.5 lbs or so, fits into all of them. They're all giant on Quinn and her mini hips.  The snapless are made of this awesome squishy material. I DO Like them. They're really fluffy/huge though, and I'm not a super Snappi-er. The OBFs are just kind of, well, blah. I don't get the obsession (and I'm not about to buy any wool covers). They're so thick and not super soft at all. And she seems to soak them in a half a night. Now, she still drinks a big bottle going to bed and usually one or two more, so maybe that's the issue, but I'm still not really impressed. I wanted these to be a magic solution, but alas, I might sell them next time I get around to selling a bundle of stuff.

I've been meaning to talk about wetbags too, but maybe another day.

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