Tuesday, January 29, 2013

18 months

Our peanuts are 18 months today. Seriously? They're 1.5 years old? You've got to be kidding me.

Our well visit isn't until Thursday, so no stats at the moment, but I think they're about 31" and 19.5 and 21 lbs. According to the online development charts at the CDC and BabyCenter, they're right on track (or a bit ahead), so woot to us (them?).

So what's life with 18 month olds like?

Well, its pretty fun actually. They're entertaining these days, doing silly dances to hear their boots make noise on the floor and following basic commands (who doesn't melt from a hug or kiss when asked?). They're pretty adorable to watch play, and the squeals of laughter when they play peek-a-boo together or chase each other are priceless.  They're a little weird and ask for More when you tickle them, and love to go upside down.
riding along at Home Depot. They can do their own hats, mittens and zippers now (if you start the zipper). Craziness.

They're developing opinions, and we let them pick out their shoes most days (lovvveee boots). Sometimes they don't want us to put them on (or take them off), which is a challenge I predict will grow, but seeing that spark of independence is pretty cool.  They're getting pretty finicky about being in their high chairs, but aren't really ready to eat at their table full time (we ARE trying to get them to eat at the table with us but that goes only slightly better than putting the trays on their chairs). 
dinner at the table

They're still great in the car and stroller.  Sometimes we feel ballsy and go into stores without carts or strollers - this actually works slightly less well than a couple of months ago since they want to walk a lot and are so-so at best at holding hands.

obsessed with buckles.
Their favorite toys are the slide and books. Avery will take a book to you, put it in your hands forcefully, sit in your lap, then make you turn the pages.  Then Quinn comes over and a fight over your lap ensues (usually). 
slide in the basement!!

They really like the tunnel too - fun to poke each other from the outside! They are pretty into puzzles - Quinn especially loves this Melissa and Doug peg sorting thing (Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Pound-A-Peg )- she pairs them up by color which is awesome to watch. They don't have the hang of the hammer yet but do run around with it saying "hammer! hammer!"   They also really enjoy unpacking the pantry in the kitchen, so we've stocked the lower shelves with their dishes.
empty sippies are surprisingly appetising

We also just unpacked a couple of toys from their birthday (Little Tikes Mudpie Kitchen and  Little Tikes Campsite Cookout) which seem to be a hit. The plastic food freaks me out a bit but they seem to know what to do with it. Guess we need a kitchen for their next birthday?? They also really love coloring, but we still have some issues with crayon snacking.
coloring at our table

They have 12 teeth each (4 of which are coming in now for Quinn, and I think Avery is getting close to cracking a canine), and are wearing mostly 12 month clothes.  They need some 18 month for length, especially in the shorter brands like Circo and Jumping Beans.  I put them in 12 mo Carters dresses the other day though and they were more like tunics.... I think we still get away with the 12 month stuff because they don't fill anything out around, but I admit their pants are ankle length at best.  They're also finally growing hair at what seems to be a good clip.  It really took off a couple of months ago. They both have good ponytails now, and I think might need a mullet trim in another month or two...

Quinn with a pony!
More on Thursday after our well visit!

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