Saturday, January 19, 2013


We've had our fair share of whining and fit throwing, but I think we've officially entered the tantrum stage, particularly Quinn.

Most of the time she's adorable.
isn't our bathroom adorable too? besides being adorably small (like Quinn), who doesn't love pink tile?
But sometime she's like this.

I need to get it on video (as well as learn to walk away and let her figure out that tantruming won't get her what she wants - which in the last two days has included to play with the recycling, to keep her bathrobe on at bedtime, to keep playing instead of napping, and to get the piece of cookie in my mouth out).

This kid is LOUD. And has the memory of an elephant.
Until further notice, I prefer to think Avery will stick with little fits and not do full, long tantrums.

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