Friday, January 4, 2013


It's really just nuts how they're growing up so fast.

We went to visit family over the holidays, and Grammy got the girls a table for her house. I admit, I was a little skeptical, but it was a HIT.
eating at a table! with plates!!

and coloring. I had NO IDEA how much they enjoyed this...

So we had to get one for at home too.  It's an IKEA set, and not nearly as snazzy as the wood one at Grammy's  (but hey, it'll take more abuse from the babies than hers will, or something like that to justify our cheapness, right?), but it'll work.  It is a SMIDGE taller, and they had a little trouble getting into the chairs at first, but I think they've figured it out!
that's right, eat your snack and face the corner...

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