Thursday, January 3, 2013

A twin registry

A while back, I did a quick post on the supplies we loved for infant twins. I thought I'd share the items we have, since I occasionally get questions and have basically written this post via email a couple of times for pregnant friends! There's kind of a lot of gear (anyone who has registered knows that!) so I'll split this into a couple of posts!

Little Baby Containment Devices
We had two small swings.

This one has a vibrate feature.

This one has a timer and better music.
They were both fine, though I always preferred the snugglier second one. That said, neither of our babies were super into the swing.

We had this bouncer.

They weren't into the vibration and we didn't even use it that much as a bouncer, but they LOVED the lights, especially when they learned to turn them on with the toys.

And two Boppies.

So simple, and they sound like such a waste of money, but we used them a TON. When they were very little we had to prop them up in it with a blanket underneath. These were terrific for feeding both babies at once (once they could hold up their heads and had some torso control), and they took their bottles in them at home for a long time (until they crawled really).

I know Bumbos are popular, but they kind of creep me out. We were handed one down but never used it.

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